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Siemens SPC – KNX gateway : product announcement

We are happy to announce the launch of a new product very soon: A fully configurable bidirectional KNX gateway for all Siemens SPC intrusion panels. Features The interface is fully bidirectional and supports three types of communication objects: – events: when particular things happen, the panel raises events. We support 150 types of events, which can […]

New ComfoWay Firmware

New Firmware version is released for the ComfoWay: V1.3 The major change in V1.3 is the support of additional communication objects : – regulate the ventilation fan settings (A, 1, 2 &3, supply & exhaust) – control the Boost functions – control the Boost duration You can find the full communication details here: WHR_GatewayCommunicationObjects_V1_08 Of course, the vizu has been modified […]

Base & Luxe heat exchangers for ComfoWay

It is confirmed that the ComfoWay and ComfoKNX modules also work well with the Base ventilation units. These units do not have the luxury board and miss out on certain specific functions. However, all essential communication objects are fully functional with both the base and luxe units. The only functions/objects which will not function are […]