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Recent Products

Base & Luxe heat exchangers for ComfoWay

It is confirmed that the ComfoWay and ComfoKNX modules also work well with the Base ventilation units. These units do not have the luxury board and miss out on certain specific functions. However, all essential communication objects are fully functional with both the base and luxe units. The only functions/objects which will not function are […]

ComfoWay : Plug & Play video

Thanks to the new cable assembly we now offer, the installation of your ComfoWay has never been easier. Just watch this video to see how you get going. In about a minute your ComfoWay is starting up. After allowing the device to boot and selftest for another minute, you’re ready to roll:

Advanced functional integration in KNX

If you need advanced functions not readily available for your KNX implementation then we can surely help you further. Our products can combine a series of advanced functions in one single device: – Visualisation – KNX-IP gateway – create new functions in KNX by combining functions from our extensive prebuilt libraries (solar, thermo, mail, scenes, […]